Thank you for showing interest in Noons Creek Housing CO-OP.  The application process  is as follows:

  1. Complete the online application  — APPLICATION PROCESS IS CLOSED – We only accept online applications forms -Email/Conventional Letters will not be accepted
  2. If your application is selected for a possible short list you will be required to:
      • complete a family interview (all future members)
      • complete credit check and financial qualification process.
      • Demonstrate that you understand the commitment to living in a Co-operative Community
  3. ONLY THOSE  Contacted and completed the process will be considered for placement on Short List. If you have not completed the entire selection process process you are not on our shortlist . For those that are successful to make it to the short  list – You must update your application file every 6 months if you wish to remain on the short list (see below). Stale dated applications are deleted from our records.




We do not give timelines or location of  where applicants are on the short list. 


When a unit becomes available the Coop will contact those applicants that have been selected to be short listed for membership.If you are successful short list applicant and there is a unit matching your housing needs, you may be contacted and asked to do a walk through of available unit. You then have 24 hours to accept or reject the unit.

What does it take to be considered for membership?

  • Complete and maintain updated application when process is open
  • Meet membership requirements as per Coop Act/Rules
  • Demonstrate active participation in your current community
  • Agree to follow all Coop policies and rules
  • Participate in the membership interview
  • Complete credit check and financially qualify to meet housing charges for housing unit preference (prior to offer to occupy)
  • Be approved by majority vote by Board of directors
  • Pay all share fees at time of acceptance to occupy


Questions about CO-OP Living


SHORT LISTED APPLICATION FILES – Updates – ONLY please email – this email is only monitored for short listed application updates. We do not respond to any other emails other than short listed application updates

*** Failure to complete applications accurately or completely will result in the application being rejected. ***

National Occupancy Standards for Subsidized units only.

  • Spouses and couples share a bedroom.
  • There shall be no more than 2 or less than 1 person/ bdrm.
  • Parents do not share a bedroom with children.
  • Dependants aged 18 or more do not share a bedroom.
  • Dependants aged 5 or more of opposite sex do not share a bedroom

Guidelines for Applying National Occupancy Standards for Subsidy

In recognition of a variety of co-parenting arrangements, a child who resides with their parent(s) a minimum of 40 percent of the time will qualify as a permanent member of the household when determining eligibility and appropriate unit size.

meets the qualifying income standards.
Meets criteria for national occupancy standards but do not have the qualifying income.

Noons Creek Housing Co-Op does not have any 1 bedroom units

Unit Housing

Currently Noons Creek consists of the following units:

  • 3A Small, 3 Bedroom, 22 units 1295+ Sq. ft. 280 unfinished bsmt., single carport
  • 3B Large, 3 Bedroom, 6 Units 1344+ Sq. ft. 500 unfinished bsmt., dbl. carport
  • 3C Middle, 3 Bedroom, 10 Units 1300 Sq. ft. 499 unfinished bsmt., parking pad
  • 2D 2 Bedroom, 9 Units 1098+ Sq. ft., 512 unfinished bsmt., parking pad
  • 4E 4 Bedroom, 10 Units 1531+ Sq. ft., 319 unfinished bsmt., dbl. carport