Welcome to the Noons Creek Portal Page.

Noons Creek Housing CO-OP is a member of the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHFBC). The idea behind CO-OP living consist of each member has one vote. Members work together to keep their housing well-managed and affordable. Noons Creek is a non-profit housing co-op. This is a CO-OP that provides good quality and affordable housing. As a co-op member, you have security of tenure. This means that you can live in your home for as long as you wish if you follow the rules of the co-op and pay your housing charge (rent).

As a co-op member, you have a say in decisions that affect your home. Co-op communities are made up of all kinds of people – people with different backgrounds and incomes and special needs. These diverse and vibrant communities are the unique strength of the co-op housing movement.

 Being a co-op member means you have a responsibility to make sure that your co-op is a well-managed and pleasant place to live. If you join a co-op, you will be expected to do the following:
  • Buy shares in the co-op
  • Pay a monthly housing charge
  • Attend members’ meetings
  • Participate in running the co-op
  • join a committee or the board
  • help with maintenance
  • organize social events

Before you apply to become a member, ask yourself if you will have the time and energy to participate in your co-op.